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About ContainerSSH

Who makes ContainerSSH? Why?

ContainerSSH is a fully open source community-driven project. It is made with ❤️ by the following group of volunteers.

Janos Bonic  Bence Santha  Nikos Tsipinakis  Montgomery Edwards⁴⁴⁸  Richard Kovacs  Sanja Bonic 

Note: this list is opt-in for privacy reasons. If you wish to be listed on this page please add your name here.


We use services and tools from the following companies for free:


Docker has accepted ContainerSSH into their Docker Open Source Program. The open source program exempts ContainerSSH from the Docker Hub rate limits, which is important to us because we are using it to host the default guest image.


GitHub provides the core development infrastructure for ContainerSSH, as well as the continuous integration system and the hosting for this website.


Snyk monitors our Go dependencies and container root images for known security vulnerabilities and alerts us when we need to rebuild any of them.

Terraform Cloud

We use the Terraform Cloud by HashiCorp to automate the configuration of our GitHub organization.