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The Kubernetes Backend

The KubeRun backend runs a pod in a Kubernetes cluster and attaches to a container there.

Running outside of Kubernetes

If you are running ContainerSSH outside of Kubernetes you will need the following configuration:

    host: your-kubernetes-api-server:6443
    cert: |
      -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
      -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    key: |
      -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
      -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
    cacert: |
      -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
      -----END CERTIFICATE-----

Alternatively you can use cacertFile, keyFile and certFile to point to files on the filesystem.

Running inside a Kubernetes cluster

When you run inside of a Kubernetes cluster you can use the service account token:

    certFile: /var/run/secrets/
    bearerTokenFile: /var/run/secrets/

Changing the container image

For the kuberun backend the container image can be changed by modifying the pod spec:

    consoleContainerNumber: 0
    namespace: default
        - name: shell
          image: containerssh/containerssh-guest-image

Note: if you are running multiple containers you should specify the consoleContainerNumber parameter to indicate which container you wish to attach to when an SSH session is opened.

You can read more in the reference manual