Launch containers
on demand

ContainerSSH launches a new container for each SSH connection in Kubernetes, Podman or Docker. The user is transparently dropped in the container and the container is removed when the user disconnects. Authentication and container configuration are dynamic using webhooks, no system users required.

Oh, and it's free / open source!

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Build a lab

Building a lab environment can be time-consuming. ContainerSSH solves this by providing dynamic SSH access with APIs, automatic cleanup on logout using ephemeral containers, and persistent volumes for storing data. Perfect for vendor and student labs.

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Debug a production system

Provide production access to your developers, give them their usual tools while logging all changes. Authorize their access and create short-lived credentials for the database using simple webhooks. Clean up the environment on disconnect.

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Run a honeypot

Study SSH attack patterns up close. Drop attackers safely into network-isolated containers or even virtual machines, and capture their every move using the audit logging ContainerSSH provides. The built-in S3 upload ensures you don't lose your data.

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