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How we use GitHub

Our GitHub account contains over 30 repositories. These repositories are managed by Terraform and most of them are created from the library-template template repository. This is done in an effort to make sure each component has its own tests and documentation.

Tests in each repository are executed by GitHub actions. Most repositories use CodeQL for security analysis, golangci-lint for code quality, and run go test for executing tests.

Some repositories have integrations with Docker and Kubernetes. Docker is included in GitHub Actions and Kubernetes support is added by using the Kubernetes in Docker action. When running against Kubernetes we run against all currently supported versions. The tests use the kubeconfig of the current user to fetch the configuration on how to connect Kubernetes. An example of this can be found in the Kubernetes repository.

When we release ContainerSSH we use Goreleaser to create binaries for multiple platforms. Goreleaser is also responsible for uploading the generated binaries to GitHub as a release. Currently, Goreleaser also generates .deb and .rpm packages. Later on, this will be replaced by providing a package repository that people can add to their operating systems. This is also hosted in GitHub Pages.